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"Best most friendly doctor I have ever met, so helpful and caring, explains everything so you understand." - Dan R. 

"Helped my son so much, thank you." - Anthony O. 

"For me, he is an excellent doctor. He listens well. He helped me in my treatment with patience and kindness." - Helda A. 

"Excellent physician, caring and displays empathy." - Raj R. 

“Today, I’m going to talk about a man who stands out. A humble and remarkably intelligent man. A man of honor and a man of virtue. Dr. Edward Osterberg is that man – a true treasure—a healer and a righteous doctor. Before I visited Dr. Osterberg, I saw another doctor at another practice who diagnosed my urethral strictures (scars) and suggested that I undergo Direct Visual Internal Urethrotomy (DVIU). Sadly, that doctor seemed rushed and disinterested in developing a meaningful relationship with me; communication was short and curt. In my research, I found that a DVIU procedure is shown to have a poor long-term success rate. That is when I began my search for other procedures, one of which I found to be very appealing for urethral strictures – urethroplasty – an open surgical reconstruction of the urethra.From there, I immediately began my search for the most fitting doctor to discuss a possible urethroplasty. Luckily, I found (through Google) and scheduled a visit with Dr. Osterberg. In my lifetime, I have visited multiple doctors for different reasons. Few doctors have exhibited the unsurpassed interpersonal skills, clinical competency, character, and humility that I found in Dr. Osterberg. There I was with my wife and mother in the patient room, anxiously waiting for my first visit with Dr. Osterberg. I understand that Dr. Osterberg like other surgeons is in a unique position of respect and power. In my visits with Dr. Osterberg, he demonstrated a superior ability to effectively and genuinely communicate. I was particularly impressed when Dr. Osterberg maintained eye contact, a smile, and a calm and professional demeanor during our visits. He showed me that not all doctors are rushed and disinterested in communicating with patients. Instead, Dr. Osterberg listened attentively to our remarks, concerns, and questions. Dr. Osterberg confirmed my research indicating DVIU’s poor long-term success rate before suggesting urethroplasty. After several pre and post-op exams including the 3.5-hour surgery, I am proud to reveal the fruit of Dr. Osterberg’s labor: I am no longer suffering from loss of sleep, pain, and discomfort associated with urethral strictures. Dr. Osterberg successfully performed a non-transecting urethroplasty – a procedure associated with a very high long-term success rate. Dr. Osterberg is undoubtedly a source of motivation, incentive, and reassurance for me.
With a positive view of my health, I can now live with confidence knowing that my urethral strictures are a thing of the past. The key ingredient to my effective treatment and favorable post-op outcome began with Dr. Osterberg’s refreshing candor. Aside from Dr. Osterberg’s superior interpersonal skills, I am eternally grateful for his skillful diagnoses, treatment, and sound judgment. When I think about Dr. Osterberg and all of what he represents, I am reminded of the following quote attributed to Terry Canale in his American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Presidential Address:

“The patient will never care how much you know, until they know how much you care [about the patient]”

Thank you, Dr. Osterberg, for your outstanding contributions to my life and to our society. Eternally in your debt,”

Your patient,
Edward (“Eddie”) P.

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